How to manage a cleaning service business



How to manage a cleaning service business:


Offer Personalized Service and Fair Prices

Spend some time giving free estimates, this will help you see a potential client’s home to work out how much time it will take to clean.

Don’t charge the same price for a large house and for a small apartment.

Clients will go running to a cleaner they believe is giving them a fair deal.

Sit with the client to find out what they want. According to surveys, customer experience with a company has a huge impact on how likely they are to be repeat customers, and that holds true for you, too. 

Sitting with your clients to understand what is important to them gives them this personalized service and shows that you care about them and their needs, allowing you to develop a pricing plan that is fair to them and worthwhile for you. And when you need to raise your prices? They’re more likely to understand.


Manage Your Time Carefully

To successfully manage a cleaning service business, you need to fill up your schedule, working on your time management will benefit both you and the customer, as expectations are clear and match reality. 

Schedule your jobs in a way that allows you to fit more than one job in each day, slots starting around 10 am won’t leave you enough time for an afternoon customer as well.

On the other hand, starting at 8 am will allow you to finish by lunchtime and go to another customer afterward–or even take some much needed time off.

 It also means that your customer won’t have to have their entire day blocked off. Always be on time and efficient to keep to your schedule and keep your customers satisfied.


Find Your Niche

In a crowded market, it can be difficult to make a place for yourself. Spend some time looking online at reviews and social media to see what clients want and what competitors are offering. Then, create a niche for yourself. 

Perhaps you guarantee all of your products will be environmentally friendly, you might be able to offer flexible scheduling, such as evening or weekend time slots.

Perhaps you work more on marketing with a weekly newsletter or blog posts with free cleaning tips, introductions to your cleaning staff, and product reviews. 

Having a niche will give you a unique place in the market.


Use Quality Products

Cheap products may save you money, to begin with, but using more expensive quality products will help you attract a unique clientele that will benefit your business in the long-run.

Using non-toxic and ecologically friendly products is better for the furniture and doesn’t leave any irritating fumes or smells around the home. 

These safe and healthy alternatives are better for both your cleaner and the client.

Keep learning about new products through suppliers, from industry publications, or from trade organizations to stay on top of your game on how to manage a cleaning service business.


Treat Your Employees Well

Your employees are key to the success of your business. 

To offer a cleaning service that stands out, you need to attract the best and most professional cleaners. Some ways to encourage your employees to stay with you include:

Spend time on training; show them how to clean windows, scrub a sink, and more

Don’t micromanage – show trust and respect once you’ve trained them

Offer perks such as paid sick or vacation time to employees have shown their loyalty

Provide bonuses for quality work


Spend Time on Marketing

Don’t become complacent once you have a solid client base, you need to spend time on marketing to ensure you always have new clients. There are many ways to advertise your business to the right markets, these include:

Networking – Networking may not cost money up-front, but it can lead to business opportunities immediately or down the line. Let people know what you do.

Contact real estate agencies or home builders – Make contact with companies who might refer you to others, this gets you right out in front of the competition with a potential client before they are even in their home.

Advertise around the community – This is a great way to find local jobs. Put up flyers, pay for ads in local brochures or magazines and get your name out at local community events. This will help you build brand recognition.


Focus on the Business Aspect

Building a successful house cleaning business is not easy, in terms of the cleaning itself or the business aspect. Businesses need to be run professionally to be successful. 

For your house cleaning business to grow and expand, you need to take care of much more than just cleaning.

Make sure you have a business plan in place on how to manage a cleaning service business, that you’re filing taxes as you need to and that you have the house cleaning insurance you need to grow and thrive.


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